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World's favourite Jaguar headliners since 1986

Headliner World is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturer of luxury car headliners and interiors.  As a family business, Headliner World has been the world’s favourite renovators of Jaguar interiors since 1986 for both professional and public customers alike.

Our experienced team of laminators and liners strive on their dedication to fine quality and friendly, approachable manners whilst interacting with clients and the Jaguar community. Regarded as “fine artificers”, the team create the beautiful and stylish interiors from their Kent facility; ever focused on the work at hand and the quality of their output.

Our production range concentrates on renovation and kits. We produce:

  • GRP headliners clothed in the finest fabric in the original beige or nimbus grey colours. Each headliner is hand crafted; laminated fibre glass finished with premium fabric.
  • Alongside headliners, we produce GRP rails and quarter panels formed in the same manner.
  • Our renovation work allows us to manufacture fine veneer interior panels in Elm and Walnut.