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Who are we?

Following the success of our exclusive work with professional customers, we began to broaden our base and provide our services to the public. In 1986, we opened our first shop and the now world renown name, Headliner World, began with its first public clients. As our company grew, so too did the satisfaction of our customers; leading to the build-up of many customers a month. As demand for production soared, our single shop followed suit into our now bustling community, continually producing pristine interiors for luxury cars.

From initiation to the present day, we have never allowed the unpredictability of the economy to compromise quality; it is very much this quality that puts us far above any other company producing similar products. Our value in quality, however, does not create obscenely excessive prices: we have always, and will always strive to provide our products at the best possible price; ensuring us to be more cost effective than any other leading supplier.

Our pride comes with our fulfilled aim to provide a face to our products and services; friendly assistance in deciding the best possible solution for your renovation.  Our ability to troubleshoot allows for a personable approach to the tailored creation of interior; providing you with the best possible solution to your restoration needs.

Our future is the prospect of developing a larger community with products ranging in vehicles, models and types. From the foundation of our company, we have developed processes in creating the finest solutions in interior development. We endeavour to keep the family company focused on further progression, coupled with maintaining our approachable service and true adoration for luxury cars.